Tuesday, June 19, 2007

life is too short...

I can’t imagine how fast things go. Just last night at almost 11pm I saw my brother and his buddy Atoy at the bakeshop. It was Atoy’s day off I suppose. He works as a Medical Transcriptionist at Global Solutions and is on a graveyard shift. Never in my mind it occur that that would be the last time that I am going to see him alive. I was even teasing him before I left them.

6 am today, I heard someone crying. I thought it was just from a housemate who was having a bad dream or something. That usually happens at our house actually. But then the cry was so loud that made me went out of my room up and see what’s really going on. I saw my brother crying on his knees and with my younger sister besides him trying to comfort. I asked what had happened and in between his sobbing, he uttered, “ Atoy was shoot three times along the highway of Liloan and was killed.

I can’t believe what I’ve heard. Unbelievable but this is it. This is really what is happening. I don’t know what to feel and what to say. I feel sorry for my brother who was traumatized with the incident and blaming himself for having done nothing. And I feel sorry for Atoy for dying so young and in that terrible way. I feel sorry for his family he left behind who loves him and treasures him. His mother who is kinda physically weak.

The case was said to be a robbery. Someone heard that Atoy was saying to the perpetrator to just take his mobile phone. Don’t know what other arguments they have that made this guy shoot him thrice. My brother upon hearing the explosion run to the nearest store and ask for some help. A couple of minutes rescuers came in and Atoy was brought to the hospital. But sad to say he was dead on arrival.

As it has always been said over and over again, life is too short. So treasure every moments you’ve got, gather moments while you may for you’ll never know if that moment will ever come again..

To Atoy may your soul finds peace in God’s arms. You will always remain in our hearts.

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