Saturday, September 29, 2007

now he knows!

My confidante just revealed my secrets to "him". I didn't expect it. I won't play truth or dare with them anymore (huhuhuhu), no longer. Well, whatever the consequences of that, I don't know yet! I don't even know how to behave on our next meeting. Monday please don't come yet. I have to compose myself first. Well..well..well... just have to be natural and act the same I guess. As if Friday revelations did not happen. Hope he'll do the same. If not, tsk..tsk... bati.

Hopefully we'll stick to our words when we all agreed to leave whatever secrets have been told in that four corners of the wall.

anything goes....

Things at the top of my head today:

*meeting with KG on monday
*buy some new clothes for myself and Harvey
*how would monday be like?
*attend early mass tomorrow
*chat with Nebe on how my week was
*eat chocolate cake later

Thursday, September 27, 2007

miss my sister :(

This is not the first instance that my sis didn't come home for a few days but this time I am kinda worried for reasons I don't know. Have tried to call her cellfone several times yesterday and today and even last weekend but I just can't reached her. Hope she is fine. Though we frequently argue on to some things but still I love her and care for her. I may not be that showy to her but truly I do. After all I am still after what's best for her. She just don't get it.

must have been the chance....

Must have been the chance for me to tell him whatever it is. But the time does not permit so. Another opportunity loss. Well, I just left him with some things to ponder on. Hope he get it (ha-ha). Though I was saying I am over with my "kahibangan" with him but somehow I was thinking it would be better if at least he would know. Nothing is wrong with it. And we may call it foolishness or martyrdom but I may say that I was really glad that we had dinner together this evening, though it was not a date.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

feel sorry for her

I don't know for how long, whether this is for ever or just for a few days or weeks, but the good thing is, somehow, he decided to end up their flingy thingy relationship. Hopefully this is for ever, for everybody's goodness sake. May he stands firm with his decision.

For all the reasons in the world, it would not be a pleasant and healthy relationship, if ever, whether in the eyes of men and in the eyes of the one above . It would definitely be offensive if in case they decided to be together. It may not be that easy as it seems to the girl but it would not get even easier if ever they'll get any further. The more complicated things would be and the more it would be harder for them to get out from it. She just have to accept the fact and bear the consequences for her to be able to move on a bit faster. In the first place, she knows where she stands. It's just so sad that she had to learn or realize it the hard way. And to you boy, as if you are reading this : it's cool to be you! But then you just have to stop being nice to all ladies out there since you easily like and may eventually fall for another one. Once is enough. Twice is unforgivable. Better be good while you still have the chance.

if only.....

If only B will be the one to feel what Y has for me (hehehe). Could that be possible? Exchange of hearts? How I wish!

As the saying goes :

Mahal kita
Mahal mo siya
Mahal niya ay iba

But that is not totally my case. It is somehow more of :

Mahal niya ako
Mahal kita
Mahal nang mahal mo ay iba

Haha! Anyone could make up a song for that? Complicated as it is.

Hahay..........Mysteries of life!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

weird guy!

He is getting into my nerves. I don't know... I get irritated with him. He is the hardest person I've ever known in phocuslandia. I've tried my best just to understand him but he is impossible.

Monday, September 10, 2007

i've come to my senses....

Finally, I've accepted the fact, it can never be "us"....... for a lot of reasons. First, I choose to believe that he is not into me. I may just be too assuming, got the wrong impressions, deceived by his words and actions.

Second, I have come to realize that he is no good to me and we won't make up a great couple. I am not sour graping or what, I am just stating facts. I can't even understand why he keeps on criticizing my behaviour telling me that this is no good and I should change these and stuff when actually I just inherited all these traits or attitudes from him. He was the one who triggers me to act such way. I wonder if he hears himself?

And third, I don't know I just easily get irritated with him lately. And possibly he feels the same way with me. We just don't meet up. Our minds might meet on to some things but not our "batasan".

Well, oh well.... Clashing hearts....