Tuesday, August 7, 2007

till we meet again! :(

After saying hello to my relatives from Oregon who were in here for a vacation weeks ago, I just bid them an emotional goodbye this afternoon. I am surely gonna miss them all. Though we just spent less time together while they were here cause they were at Leyte most of the time but truly we shared nice memories. Our Bohol escapade was truly memorable despite the bad weather and the car sick Josh and Jacque had while having the country side tour. And who can forget our to and fro long walk on the shore with barefoot from Amarela to Bohol Beach Club. The sea breeze was really soothing then and the silence of the night at Amarela was oh so relaxing. I was really having a good night sleep that time after having a dip at the pool with Jen and these "kulit" kids (nieces and nephews of mine).

If only having them around is that simple and easy. I begin to ask why is there a need for families to be separated from each other because of work or ambition or whatever. If only things of life are these undemanding!

Well..well...Life oh life. I just hope for tatay berning and tiya doning the best of health always since they are kinda far from their sons and daughters.... and to Steve & Dina and to the 3J, a happy and fruitful life. Success to all of us guys! Cheers for our future! And till we meet again... :)

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