Wednesday, May 28, 2008

wounded and worried

Supposedly it's our 2nd monthsary.... but i don't know if its gonna be a happy one. Past 10pm of may 28th when he dropped me in the office (graveyard shift). And it's already 3am of the may 29th and still i didn't get any calls from him confirming that he already at home very much safe and sound. Instructed him to send me a message as soon as he came home. I am so worried now that I wanna burst into tears. Worried since there's a lot of bad elements in the streets at night and robbery is so rampant lately. God Forbid. Worried that he may be somewehere else where I don't want him to be. I wanna cry out loud.I don't know what to do, worse I have no one to talk to. Kept on calling at his house but only his cousin or his bro will answer my call.

(Sigh)..Where are you honey?

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Zepharia Andres said...

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