Tuesday, May 29, 2007

contagious emotions...

Call it coincidence or what! But among my close girl friends in the office, almost all of them are in the state of loneliness right now. I've heard all there stories and the pain that they've felt caused by the break up or by the physical separation from there loved ones. As a friend I was trying to be a crying shoulder and lending my ears for them to be able to let out what is there that is in their hearts and minds. I myself have my own weariness and loneliness but thanks God I have my cousin and a best friend at home whom I can tell whatever it is that's bothering me. And who always cheers me up when I am sad and lonely.

But what sounds silly was that after hearing all their stories, suddenly I felt some emptiness in me. Was I absorbing all the emotions they've felt. It was past 12 am already and still I can't sleep. I've called up my close friends just for nothing. Jen who knows me for quite a long time was even shocked why I was calling her at that wee hour knowing that I usually went early to sleep on weekdays. She instantly said "got some problems? Okey whatever it is I am willing to listen."I even sent a message to my officemate just telling him how I felt. Absorber as I am! Well that only shows I am that vulnerable yet trying to be invincible.

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