Monday, September 10, 2007

i've come to my senses....

Finally, I've accepted the fact, it can never be "us"....... for a lot of reasons. First, I choose to believe that he is not into me. I may just be too assuming, got the wrong impressions, deceived by his words and actions.

Second, I have come to realize that he is no good to me and we won't make up a great couple. I am not sour graping or what, I am just stating facts. I can't even understand why he keeps on criticizing my behaviour telling me that this is no good and I should change these and stuff when actually I just inherited all these traits or attitudes from him. He was the one who triggers me to act such way. I wonder if he hears himself?

And third, I don't know I just easily get irritated with him lately. And possibly he feels the same way with me. We just don't meet up. Our minds might meet on to some things but not our "batasan".

Well, oh well.... Clashing hearts....

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