Wednesday, September 26, 2007

feel sorry for her

I don't know for how long, whether this is for ever or just for a few days or weeks, but the good thing is, somehow, he decided to end up their flingy thingy relationship. Hopefully this is for ever, for everybody's goodness sake. May he stands firm with his decision.

For all the reasons in the world, it would not be a pleasant and healthy relationship, if ever, whether in the eyes of men and in the eyes of the one above . It would definitely be offensive if in case they decided to be together. It may not be that easy as it seems to the girl but it would not get even easier if ever they'll get any further. The more complicated things would be and the more it would be harder for them to get out from it. She just have to accept the fact and bear the consequences for her to be able to move on a bit faster. In the first place, she knows where she stands. It's just so sad that she had to learn or realize it the hard way. And to you boy, as if you are reading this : it's cool to be you! But then you just have to stop being nice to all ladies out there since you easily like and may eventually fall for another one. Once is enough. Twice is unforgivable. Better be good while you still have the chance.

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