Monday, June 9, 2008


Long weekend is over. We're now in a boat on our way back home, bid the so-called Island Paradise goodbye and face the world again with a pang of pain in my heart. How I wish this boat ride wont last...the sound of the sea waves ease the pain that I felt and makes me think of nothing else. I don't wanna step on the shore cause stepping on it means the ride is over and I leave me no choice but to face the reality.

Our 2-day vacation wasn't as exciting and romantic as I've expected it to be. Just as I thought was the perfect night for us : lying at the beach and feeling the sea breeze with all the stars in heaven when something very unexpected came up. Well, should I say not that unexpected because somehow I have some suspicions that something fishy is really going on, blamed it to women's intuition. And probably God doesn't want me to fooled for a long time and so He find ways for it to be revealed. Intellectually, I know what I am supposed to do but my emotions are overpowering me.In my whole existence, I never thought I could be this "tanga" and forgiving. But then everybody deserves a second chance so might as well give him the chance too...

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