Friday, June 20, 2008

despite the typhoon....

A typhoon was said to strike tonight and my papa did not allow me to go for work since work hours start at 11pm till 8am of the following day.

Funny or silly it is that despite the heavy rain and the strong winds, me and my boyfriend still managed to see other. We just can't get through the night without seeing and hugging each other tight....(hehehe) We met at the mini grocery store nearby our place and after buying a box of pizza , we proceeded to his a teleseries, modify my blog, and a little chit chats with his house mates.

An hour after, he sends me home cause cinderella has to go home before 12 midnight strikes (hehehe). Actually my papa sends me a sms that I need to be home now cause of the bad weather (how old am I that I am still alarmed with my papa's sms?? duh... papa's gurl!). As much as we'd like the night not to end and still be together but then we have to separate ways now..

Till next time! (mwah!) :)

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