Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sick and tired...

I've come to realize that this is totally unfair... I don't wanna be treated like this. Tears are running down through my cheeks and I don't care if my officemates would saw me this way. I’ve tried to understand everybody elses side but what about mine? I just can no longer handle this. I need to think of myself too.. And I guess my understanding & patience for them is all up to now.

I can't just remain hidden forever. He can't even afford to post a single pic of us together to his friendster account. So sick and tired of this situation. And I have a feeling I'm the only one who is proud of this relationship. Damn it!

Pity on me... but no... self pity has no place in my personality. I should come up with a firm decision the soonest possible. I can’t endure being hidden forever. If he can’t be proud of me might as well put an end to all of these. Might be painful but for sure with God’s grace I’ll get over this.

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