Wednesday, June 25, 2008

together again.... (Waaaaaaa)

I called him up and told him that we must meet and talk since I just broke to him that we'll cool off for the meantime through chat. I insisted that we should meet even if it sounds like he doesn't want to. Primary reason is for us to talk things out. I met him at the office where he used to work, he was asked to help them on some problems with their website that is why he was there. When I arrived he just welcomed me his warm embrace. He embrace me so tight that I barely can breathe. Then I realize I am missing him so much, did he miss me too? I believe so. He looks so tired then, I don't know if he had slept last night. Seeing him again and feeling his warm embrace made me tell myself that I'd still wanna stay with him and work the relationship out. Hope he feels the same.

Actually, we really feel the same way since there was never lots of talks done, we just agreed to have everything back to normal. So no need to waste any words or explanation whatsoever.

Business as usual... :)

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